The following represents an agreement between the musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, record label, or agent acting on their behalf, and Audio Graphics, RRadio Network, and/or any radio station, webcaster, music source, or web site making use of this RRadio Network service.

The explicit intent of this agreement is to gain permission for use of your music, song(s), lyrics, or any musical composition owned by the musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, or record label. In exchange for this use, you agree that the benefit received is exposure of your music. 1) All participants to this agreement admit there is value in songs being played on any online radio station, webcaster, podcast, music source, or web site using this RRadio Network service; 2) All participants to this agreement consider this exposure as equal and fair compensation for use of the submitted song.

Terms found in this agreement: Musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, record label, or agent acting on behalf of the musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, or record label, shall be refered to as "you." "your," or "yours."

Audio Graphics,, RRadio Network, and/or any online radio station, webcaster, podcast, music source, or web site affiliated with Audio Graphics (As a group, they are refered to as "The Partners.")

Any song, composition, music, or lyrics provided by you shall be refered to as the "product." "Exposure" refers to the playing of your song on any of the parties outlined above as "making use of this service."

Webcasters, Online Radio Station, Internet Radio Station, podcast, or Music Source shall refer to any person or company using the Internet as a transmission device for playing music, song(s), or lyrics over the Internet.


Your ownership of the copyright and publishing rights to any music, song, or lyrics submitted by you to the Partners is mandated by this agreement. You also agree to inform us of any changes to ownership or publishing rights. Both of these items are considered understood, and are accepted when you click the "submit" button at the bottom of this page.

Should it be discovered ownership of copyright and publishing rights belong to anyone other than you, the Partners will attain legal counsel to contest any and all liability to pay, reimburse, exchange money or merchandise to anyone claiming legal ownership to the copyright or publishing rights of submitted product. If a challenge is made relating to ownership of the product you submit, you agree to pay any and all legal fees, court costs, and/or penalties incurred by the Partners.

An explicit understanding exists that an acknowledgement by e-mail, or a submission by using the "submit" button below, shall be considered a legally binding act between all parties involved in this agreement: This includes the exchange of e-mail with or without name as long as the originating e-mail address is/has been used by the sending party at any time over the preceding six months, and if that e-mail address appears in the "From" heading as indicated by the recipient's e-mail software program.

Agreement and Conditions:

  • You agree to provide product on MP3, or WAV file to the Partners with no expectation of remuneration through money, trade or merchandise.

  • If your song is selected for listing at the Partners agree to list your product for Internet radio stations, webcasters, online radio stations, podcasters, or to music sources they have affiliations with. The Partners do not promise any guarantee of play, exposer, promotion or use of your product.

  • The Partners sole responsibility is making your music, song, or lyrics available to Internet radio stations, webcasters, podcasters, online radio stations, and music programmers. One song will be accepted for listing from an artist's submission.

  • The decision of your product being listed on is at the sole descretion of the Partners. This decision may not be challenged by you, your legal representative, agent,or label. (It is possible for an artist's songs to be judged not good enough to earn a listing at RRadio Music.)

  • It is understood by you that the decision to expose your music, song(s), or lyrics to the public rest solely with the the Partners, as an affiliated Internet radio station, webcaster, online radio station, podcaster, or music source.

    Audio Graphics will not attempt to influence the decision of owners of affiliated Internet radio stations, online radio stationsor any music source on your behalf.

    Your submitted song may be chosen for use in an Audio Graphics' "Intro to Indie Artists" program - if so, all aspects of this agreement apply.

    By submitting this agreement via e-mail, U.S. postal service, fax, commercial carrier, or hand delivery, you agree that Audio Graphics, or any participant within RRadio Network, WILL NOT owe you money, trade, or merchandise for expenses incurred by you - including but not limited to the creating, preparing, recording, or shipping of your product. Submitting this agreement shows you accept the Partners using your song free, in exchange for the exposure any use of your song will bring.

    You acknowledge that the promotional value offered by the Partners is a fair exchange for any and all use of your product.

    The provisions of this agreement shall be binding upon you, your label, your agent, or any successor or merged company or companies acting on your behalf or on behalf of the Partners and Audio Graphics This agreement shall automatically renew annually unless either party submits in writing to the other party an intent to dissolve it.

    Written intention to dissolve this agreement must be given at least ninety days to remove reference to you on Songs previously requested by and sent to RRadio Network participants are not able to be recalled or removed. Songs appearing in an "Intro to Indie Artists" program will also not be removed. They will continue to be used whenever the program that song is featured in is played.

    Failure on the part of Audio Graphics to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of its rights under such provision or any other provisions of this agreement.
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    This agreement represents the entire understanding between you and Audio Graphics. No waiver, alteration or modifications of any provision hereof shall be binding unless in writing and signed by authorized agents or employees of both parties to this agreement.

    By submitting this form I give the Partners the right to play the songs listed above in exchange for the promotional value of said play.
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    By submitting this agreement you testify to understanding and agreeing to to all conditions set forth in this "Airplay for Exposure" Agreement.

    You also understand that submitting this form is a legally binding act between you, your band, agent and/or record label, and Audio Graphics, RRadio Network, and any radio station or podcast using this service.

    If you choose to click "Yes" before "Submit," and give permission for your music to be given to broadcast stations, all rights you grant through this agreement apply.

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    We will forward an e-mail confirmation on receiving your submission.

    Your response to this "confirmation e-mail" will be considered an acceptance of terms, which will allow the Partners to play your music.

    You will receive a response on acceptance of your music in approximately 2 weeks.